Learning Stock Exchange: where and how?

You do not throw themselves traded as one into the water . We learn to swim when we are already in the water . In exchange, you better know how to swim before diving , or even wade in the pool . The stock vocabulary is an invisible boundary between individuals and the stock markets. So you will need to learn and understand the stock market before you start .

There are multitudes of sources of information to help you develop sufficient market knowledge to operate in the financial markets. What are these sources?


Over the years , Internet has become one of the largest encyclopedia in the world. An unknown term ? a mechanism not yet practiced ? newly introduced action ? Internet search engines are there to help you in your learning. There are many sites dedicated to learning the stock market and the financial markets. Edubourse.com site , created in 1998, and dedicated to the operation of the Exchange.


The books are ideal for many reasons . Read before going to sleep , read during your commute , read anywhere . The book has all the advantages and books on the stock market are legion. How to earn scholarship? How to start? When to buy ? Hundreds of different books for all readers. You will undoubtedly find several that will satisfy your curiosity.

financial Magazine

A book can cost several tens of euros , the Internet is not without its critics , and you still hesitate to get started. Many daily and weekly financial offering dedicated sections for learning of the award. For a modest cost , and discover one or more stock exchange mechanisms , and in all cases , you can take the pulse of the market .

Investment Club

Originally developed in the United States , investment clubs allow individual investors to pool their knowledge and capital to invest in the financial markets . Join an investment club can be very rewarding for your knowledge , but also for your heritage.

Conferences and training

Before the needs of ever increasing knowledge of individuals, but also financial professionals , conferences and training courses have been developed over the years . So you can follow , with finance, investment conferences in shares, derivatives or on the difficulty of establishing a satisfactory coverage portfolio. These fee-based training consisting of a few to several hundred can be very useful for those who want to go further in their learning.

In other words, the possibilities are many and varied learning voice . Choose the one that suits you best and do not hesitate to multiply your sources of information. Different sources , different points of view . Once sufficient knowledge , you can then invest in stocks critically .

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