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Buy shares

TV report, fashion magazine, interview, a friend… it not a day goes without that you can be faced with this crazy craving: buy shares on the stock exchange. Your reason, your heart or your vision of the Fellowship you ban to move to action, but one morning, may be, you raise you wishing to buy shares. The reasons for this desire may be varied, but the consequences are the same.

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How to get started on the stock exchange?

How to get started on the stock exchange?Start on the stock exchange is not easy. From theory to daily practice, there is a big gap that few people cross. It is essential to know several financial mechanisms before embarking on the stock exchange. Once decided, you can then start only, with all the problems this can engenders; follow a stock market simulation phase; Enter an investment club or even buy SICAVs or of forming A wide choice to meet the specific needs of each prospective investor.

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