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Capital increase, a critical source of funding

Every business needs capital , both to be born only to develop or survive. Money is the sinews of war . A company must have the necessary investment capital without which it is destined to disappear more or less imminent . Two main sources of funding are available to companies. On the one hand , debt . A debt owed to a bank, a State or investors , which must be repaid . On the other hand , own funds . Equity is not intended to be repaid but imply a right to dividends , voting rights or the right to liquidation .

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Minority shareholders! Together! Together!

Invest in the capital of a company is a financial decision, but also an emotional decision. When you entrust your savings to the foresight of a business leader, you expect him to its maximum so that the company is doing well, it gives off profits, and it develops. However some unconcerned about patterns in the interest of their shareholders, but also of their employees, can forget the basic rules of ethics and financial transparency.

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