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Trader, a profession to envy?

Trader, a profession to envy?Trader, broker, market operator… All these terms make dream some. Who is never imagined in the skin of Bud Fox or Gordon Gekko (*) « playing » with millions of dollars? The trader is a key figure in the financial institutions, but its role is often less bewitching than suggesting the popular imagination. Praised in periods of stock market euphoria by its outstanding performance, it is also placed on the pyre in times of financial crisis. The crisis of 2008 has not spared it, and sometimes indecent bonuses collected by traders that their operations have led to a major crisis, have shocked more than one. Simple individual, the politician from the Economist, it has not a moment where the trader and what it represents has not been hated. A hated but trade that still fascinates as much.

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Financial analyst: a profession of the future?

Financial analyst: a profession of the future?Praised in periods of stock market euphoria, financial analyst is often being pilloried when the market crashes, warnings on results or simple bad news not provided. Financial analyst, however, remains one of the pillars of the stock investment. Its role is simple: help investors to select the values that best meet their objectives. Its recommendations may influence directly and permanently the evolution of a title.

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