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USD, 500 years old currency

US dollar, a currency 500 Ansmeme-old if the supremacy of the US Dollar isn’t what it once was, the greenback remains despite everything the first for international trade, the reserves of the central banks or on the foreign exchange market. It is based on the first global economy: the United States. But the US abyssal deficits will lead little by little the dollar to become one currency like any other.

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Argentine Peso, a currency with yet a future?

Argentine Peso, a currency with yet a future?The currency of a country is often symptomatic of his good financial health, but it also directly affects its economy. A devalued currency and certainly the imports will be more costly, but prices of export products will be reduced. An overvalued currency and develop markets abroad may prove impossible mission. The currency is both a cause and a consequence of the financial situation of a country, and the situation in Argentina is no exception to this rule. Indeed, for more than a decade now, the Argentine peso reflects the profound crisis in which the country is plunged and only heightens this crisis.

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