ASX, the Australian stock market

The southern hemisphere has far less financial centers renowned as the Northern Hemisphere , but Australia is home to one of these places in the top 10. Indeed, the Australian Securities Exchange or ASX is among the top 10 stock exchanges in the world and alongside giants like Wall Street or the City.

The origins of the ASX dated nineteenth century and the discovery of gold in Australia. Many parts of Australia have decided to create their own exchanges like Melbourne , Brisbane or Sydney. Mine development required capital and money then flowed into the region. Exchange sites were necessary for investors and entrepreneurs. Over the years and decades , squares came together to give birth to the Australian Securities Exchange that we know today. The last merger was that the Sydney Futures Exchange in 2006. Another merger would have been possible in 2010, but the operation with the Singapore Exchange was finally canceled. Once a simple society of the British crown , the ASX is now a publicly traded company. However, to prevent a shareholder can take control of the stock market , several legal provisions restricting detention ASX securities .

The ASX has many mining companies. This over-representation is due to strong mineral wealth in the Australian basement. Australia is the third Asia-Pacific power largely because of his wealth. The ASX and has companies like BHP Billiton , Telstra, National Australian Bank , Westpac or Rio Tinto. All traditional financial assets are traded , ie equities, futures , mutual funds or derivatives. A wide range to satisfy all the needs of investors. Two platforms will position itself on the market. On the one hand , ASX Trade specializes in securities . On the other hand , ASX Trade 24 where he can cover or speculate with derivatives. A pre-opening takes place from 7 am until 10 am , for a current session from 10am to 16H .
The ASX is supervised by two Australian institutions. On the one hand, or ASIC Australian Securities and Investments Commission , which controls among other stock transactions . The equivalent of our AMF or AMF . On the other hand , the RBA or Reserve Bank of Australia .

If you want to easily follow the Australian stock market, several indicators are available . The ASX 200 is one of them . But there is also the ASX 50, the ASX 100 , ASX All Ordinaries . A full range to meet your needs. And it is also possible to play the index directly with specific products that replicate the performance of the indexes .

The Australian Securities Exchange Market may be the perfect place to play both the craze for raw materials, but also to invest in Pacific markets well -represented on European stock exchanges.

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